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iconaday's Journal

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50 and 100 icon challenge community

about +
iconaday is an icon challenge type community. It is slightly different than your normal icon community in that, you are supplied with a daily theme. So.. rather than making icons with a set 50 themes, they are different each day for a total of 50 or 100 icons!

Each member choses a claim of any sort. This can be as broad as an entire series, or as narrow as you want it. From OTP's to characters, if you want to do it, you can. Each day you make an icon, you will reply to the posted theme with your icon. Easy as that! If you are unable to post for a theme for that day, that is perfectly fine! You are free to skip any themes you can't think of or just don't have time to do.

Anyone, regardless of icon talent, is welcome to join! The more the merrier!
rules +

1. Join or Friend the community so you can keep up with the themes. This is more for your convenience.
2. Make sure your claim is approved by a moderator before replying to a theme post.
3. Please make your claims clear as the mods may not be familiar with the subject. If you are claiming a series, please specify series etc and so on. Categories, for now, are: General (All incarnations), Anime, Manga, Video Game, OTP, Character, Movie, Actor, Actress, Band, Singer, Cartoon, TV Show, etc.
4. You do not have to explain how your icon fits the theme.
5. You MUST reply to the theme post for your icon to count.
6. Please refrain from using the same image. If you must, try to make the icons different and use the same image no more than 5 times.
7. There is no time limit, but please make at least one icon every 50 themes or your claim will be dropped. There will be a purge post after every 50 themes.
8. Feel free to join in at any time! If we are on theme 125 when you join, your claim would begin at 125. Do not go back and make icons for previous themes.
9. Keep up with which themes you do in some way. To be added to the winner's list, you will need to have all 50 or 100 of your numbers to submit to a mod. This can be achieved through a 50 or 100-icon table which will be linked to in both the claims list and winners list.
10. Members as of October 2009 have the option of completing a 50 Icon challenge. Nothing about the sign-ups change, just if you want to do 50, reply to the winner's post once you have finished 50 icons and you will be added to the winner's list.
11. You are responsible for crediting those people who made resources used. How you achieve that is entirely up to you.
comment format+

Claim: Series [Category]
Number Completed: #/100
Icon Post: Link to your icon post
staff +
General All-purpose Everything: kaurin, tassyn, twirl_madly
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